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Choosing to floor your space with luxury vinyl flooring

There are many reasons luxury vinyl flooring continues to be at the top of the trend list, year after year. From the gorgeous appearance it offers, to the amazing functionality you’ll get, this is a flooring that isn’t likely to let you down. In fact, lifespan is another reason it works so well in so many homes. With an average warranty of 20+ years, you’ll have plenty of time to love this flooring. Keeping up with recommended cleaning and maintenance will bring these floors to their expected lifespan.

At Richie’s Flooring, we are proud to treat your family just like our own. When it comes to helping you find the perfect floor covering for your home, you’ll recognize the difference we can make in that process. From our Moncton, NB Canada showroom location, we serve the areas of Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview, Shediac, and Amherst. We hope to be serving you soon as well, and invite you to come and get to know us. From the variety of flooring materials and services we offer to the outstanding professionalism that comes with every transaction, you’ll know you’ve found a flooring store you can trust.

Luxury vinyl and all that it provides

Almost everyone first makes note of the way that luxury vinyl planks and tiles mimic the look of so many all natural resources. Solid hardwood, porcelain tile, and natural stone are just a few of these looks. While the stunning good looks are replicated, the maintenance necessities are not, leaving you with rooms that look just as good without all the intensive work that goes along with some of these materials.

Homeowners place a great deal of importance on durability as well, and that’s not something you’ll find lacking in luxury vinyl flooring. Practical enough for use in any room in your home, it’s also used in some of the most high-end commercial settings in the country. That because it offers durability that can be trusted under even some of the highest levels of traffic and performance. No matter what your level of traffic or activity, you’ll find flooring in this niche to match it.

Installation happens quickly and goes down smooth and easy. Your installers will have the job finished in no time, leaving you with a great looking floor you’ll enjoy for a long time. Be sure to ask about even more benefits of this great flooring when you come to check it out for yourself.

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