Redefine your kitchen and bathroom with laminate flooring

Redefine your kitchen and bathroom with laminate flooring

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas in our homes that see a lot of action – and often, a lot of moisture. Traditionally, these spaces have been decked out in tiles or vinyl. However, with advances in flooring technology, laminate flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for these wetter areas. But how does laminate stand up in such demanding environments? Let's find out.

The moisture-resistant advantage

One of the primary concerns with kitchens and bathrooms is, undoubtedly, water exposure. Fortunately, many modern laminate flooring options are designed with moisture resistance in mind. Waterproof laminate flooring has a protective layer that shields against spills, making it suitable for places where splashes are common. 

Style meets functionality

One of the undeniable benefits of using laminate in kitchens and bathrooms is the aesthetic versatility it offers. Unlike traditional tile or vinyl, laminate flooring can emulate the look of hardwood, stone, or even luxury materials, allowing homeowners to craft stylish spaces without compromising on functionality.

Installation and underlayment considerations

When considering laminate for kitchens and bathrooms, investing in high-quality underlayment is crucial. A moisture barrier underlayment will provide an extra layer of protection against water seeping into the subfloor. Additionally, ensuring the laminate is tightly installed with minimal gaps will prevent moisture penetration.

Maintenance is key

While laminate wood flooring in kitchens and bathrooms can offer a fresh, modern look and moisture-resistant benefits, regular maintenance is vital. Wiping up spills immediately, using mats near sinks and bathtubs, and avoiding excessive water during cleaning will help maintain the laminate's appearance and durability.

We offer waterproof laminate flooring and more

Laminate flooring in kitchens and bathrooms marries the best of both worlds: style and practicality. With the right product choice, proper installation, and regular maintenance, these spaces can be both beautiful and functional.

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