Hardwood flooring in Halifax, NS from Ritchie's Flooring Warehouse

No more flooring installation after hardwood flooring

When you pick wood flooring in Halifax, NS, it could easily be the last floor covering you ever install in your home. With professional installation, they can last at least 100 years, especially with refinishing when necessary.

But hardwood flooring can do much more for your household, even if only installed in a single room. Here's what you should know about the materials as you move into your remodel.

The longest-lasting floors

Only a few other floor coverings have lifespans as long as solid hardwood floors, which can last more than 100 years, with some wood floors as old as 200 years. We can see this is true whenever we visit a historical building with the original hardwood flooring.

We might not live to see the need for replacing our hardwood materials, which is why it could be considered an heirloom of sorts. Create a charming visual you can pass down for generations to come.

Hardwood's extended benefits

In addition to their long lifespan, wood floors are easy to customize for performance and visual appeal. Consider the extensive durability of the hardest hardwood flooring species types and the stunning beauty of herringbone or mosaic installation.

The more you dive into this flooring line, the more you'll find to love the benefits you discover. So, take time to learn as much as possible about these materials today.

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