Is waterproof laminate flooring a good option for my kitchen?

Is waterproof laminate flooring a good option for my kitchen?

Waterproof laminate flooring is an excellent option for the kitchen! It's durable, affordable, attractive, and highly resistant to moisture. Read more about the benefits of this floor covering in today's post.

What makes it so ideal for kitchens?

Two things. First, this material is spill-proof. 

It's not uncommon to drop gallons of milk or spill orange juice. And if you have an outdoor pet, they will most likely come in through the kitchen–dragging mud, snow, and ice!  

All concerns about peeling, rippling, and staining are eliminated.

Second, laminate is durable, scratch and fade-resistant, and impervious to dents. Kitchens are high-traffic, busy rooms where dropped pots and pans happen all too often. Laminate flooring can stand up to anything kids, pets, and foot traffic dish out.

What makes laminate waterproof?

It’s in construction. Waterproof laminate flooring is made with all non-wood materials.  

Original laminate is made with wood byproducts. But, as you probably know by now, wood and water don't mix!

Therefore, original laminate was often avoided for installation in wet areas. The waterproof version is acceptable for any room in the house.

Not all laminate is the same

Some are meant only for walls or low-traffic areas. The AC Rating (Abrasion Criteria) is a one to five scale that determines the product's strength. 

The best laminate flooring for residential use has an AC-3 or AC-4 rating. Also, thicker is better; choose a thickness of 8-mm or higher.

Now let’s get you into our showroom

Today's laminate floors come in a range of colors and designs. In addition, micro-beveling and embossing add depth and dimension.

Textured looks include wire-brushed, scraped and distressed, and embossed-in-register.  

Come into our showroom, where you'll see products such as Carrollton by Mohawk's RevWood, Designers Series by Mannington, and more.

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