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Carpet colors that pair well with hardwood flooring

There are plenty of ways to use carpet to complement hardwood flooring throughout your home. That's why it's essential to know which colors best match the specific hardwood products you have in your home.

The situations in which carpeting and hardwood come together can differ for every homeowner. Here are some ideas that will help you get closer to the connections you want and need.

Carpet colors for light hardwood

When matching a light-colored hardwood, earth tones are a fantastic option, including brown and burgundy. These are especially useful as stair runners, making it harder to see dander and debris in busy spaces.

A carpet installation for spaces that need a bit more color can benefit from blue, lavender, or orange for matching a wide range of décor and interior design. When you see these compared in our carpet store, you’ll see how vibrant and accommodating these colors are for extensive room placement.

Carpet colors for dark hardwood

Some of the best color matches for dark hardwood include pale green, dove gray, or suntan, with undertones and designs throughout. We recommend avoiding solid dark-colored rugs with dark-colored hardwood because it tends to overpower the space.

Instead, visit our carpet store to consider styles that work with dark hardwood and your décor. We can help you get the match you need while you're here.

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