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Can tile flooring be textured?

When you choose tile in Halifax, NS, we know you'll have plenty of questions about the beauty, durability, and lifespan of these materials. And these are all questions we can quickly answer at any time.

We are often asked whether tile flooring can be textured, and we have the answers you need. Here are some facts to consider relating to textured tiles.

What is a textured tile?

A textured tile is any piece with a rough surface rather than the high-gloss, smooth options that are so common in many homes. Textures have an extensive range based on the look the tile flooring takes on and other factors that can change this floor’s look.

How to get textured tiles?

Textures can mimic distressed, wire-brushed, hand-scraped, or weathered surfaces for wood-look choices. For stone-look tile flooring, textures can mimic any stone type, including marble, granite, or slate, to name only a few.

What are the benefits of textured tile flooring?

Textured tile does an outstanding job of masking light scuff and scratch marks that might be easy to see on a smoother surface. As a result, this texture keeps your floors looking better longer, with few maintenance requirements.

Our tile store offers textured surfaces that can create a safer environment, especially in shower stalls and pool surrounds. Textured surfaces are also perfect for staircases, offering lasting durability and beauty.

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