The term "carpet pile" refers to the fiber loops within your new carpet in Halifax, NS. Low pile options, with short fibers, and high pile carpets, with much longer fibers.

But how does it affect your choice and home? That’s a great question, and here are some facts that can help you make a better decision as you shop for carpet.

The carpet feel is affected by the pile

Many homeowners choose carpeting specifically for the underfoot feel, and the pile plays a significant part in that experience. For instance, short, dense piles will feel less soft than shaggy, more delicate piles, as you'll find in a carpet installation like shag or Frieze.

Carpet looks are affected by the pile

Carpet pile affects the visuals of every carpet, depending on the twist, length, density, and direction the fibers are going. Different fiber layouts are often used in the piece to create texture and visual appeal for specific looks.

Carpet durability is affected by the pile

Some pile options also affect durability, with higher pile options often giving you the best performance over time, even in areas of high traffic. But shorter piles make a difference too, and you can find out more in our carpet store whenever you’re in the area and stop by to visit.

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