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Tips for deciding between engineered and solid hardwood flooring

You may choose between engineered and solid wood if you want hardwood flooring. Each one offers excellent benefits that serve every room with beauty and lifespan.

It will come down to your specific requirements in each space. Preferences play a significant role, and you have plenty of options to meet them.

Which wood will meet your need for durability?

Both floors are durable, but only one is an option in spaces where dampness is prevalent. In these spaces, it's a good idea to opt for engineered wood floors. 

These materials also offer a faster installation, especially if you choose floating floors. Adding prefinished materials to your list increases installation speed even more.

If the most extended lifespan is your goal, only solid wood will do

Solid hardwood flooring offers the most extended lifespan, so you may never have to replace them. With a professional installation, they can last more than 100 years.

Solid wood gives you plenty of personalization choices, including species and stain selection. But you can also work with formats, widths, and installation layouts for even more.

Both materials offer many similar features

In each of these hardwood flooring lines, you can choose site-finished or prefinished materials. And many of the species are the same between the two.

You can refinish both products up to several times. And many of the same formats and layouts are available in both.

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