Will a luxury vinyl flooring installation increase home value?

Will a luxury vinyl flooring installation increase home value?

Yes. Waterproof capabilities and durability are highly sought-after features in flooring, and luxury vinyl flooring has them.  

That gives home values a boost.

It’s come a long way, baby!

Forget anything you may remember from the vinyl of decades past. This has vibrant, realistic images of wood, stone, and tile taken digitally. Every knot-raised grain, texture, and veining/ color variation will be seen.

Some have told us they couldn't distinguish between that and genuine materials. Then, adding to realism– the material is turned into planks or square, tile-sized pieces.

See for yourself in our showroom. There are marble and stone looks ("Tile Options in blush'') by Pergo Extreme or vinyl plank flooring such as Thatcher, Salem by SolidTech Plus.

Waterproof durability

When something is impervious, the material itself is waterproof. No special coatings and luxury vinyl can be spilled on or submerged without damage.

As for durability, the product comes with a clear, top melamine coating over the design sheet. The wear layer protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents and keeps spills from absorbing.

At the very top is a clear urethane finish. That adds extra strength and shine.

Let us show you this fantastic, innovative product. Feel free to visit us when you are shopping for vinyl flooring in Halifax, NS.

Additional capabilities

These include affordability and easy maintenance. The product also has an uncomplicated installation, especially when it's installed to float.

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