Trending luxury vinyl flooring options for every style

Trending luxury vinyl flooring options for every style

Luxury vinyl flooring has become a favorite choice for homeowners seeking a blend of elegance, resilience, and affordability. Let's explore the top luxury vinyl flooring options that are stealing the spotlight in interior design.

Wood-inspired planks: classic elegance 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring effortlessly mimics hardwood's timeless allure. From oak to maple, these planks replicate natural wood grains, providing warmth and character to your space.

Stone-look tiles: refined sophistication 

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT flooring) offer a variety of stone-inspired designs, from marble to slate. They capture the beauty of natural stone while offering comfort underfoot.

Neutral tones: modern chic 

Gray and whitewashed luxury vinyl flooring options cater to modern aesthetics, creating sleek backdrops for contemporary interiors.

Traditional appeal: oak and hickory tones 

Luxury vinyl planks with oak and hickory designs bring classic hardwood charm. Their durability ensures lasting beauty.

Statement wide planks: space enhancement 

Wide plank luxury vinyl flooring expands visual space and can replicate both traditional and modern styles.

Creative patterns: design versatility 

Intricate patterns like herringbone and geometric designs offer distinctive flooring options that stand out.

Rustic finishes: vintage charm 

Weathered and distressed luxury vinyl flooring adds rustic allure, infusing modern spaces with history.

Commercial elegance: business spaces 

LVP flooring is a commercial favorite, providing durability and design options for high-traffic areas.

Texture variety: tactile appeal 

High variation planks and textured finishes replicate natural wood, enhancing the tactile experience.

Custom print vinyl: personalized touch 

Custom print luxury vinyl flooring allows you to incorporate unique designs or logos, making your space truly one-of-a-kind.

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Luxury vinyl flooring's versatility makes it a favored choice. From wood-like planks to stone-look tiles, it caters to diverse tastes. Whether you desire elegance, endurance, or distinctive design, luxury vinyl flooring has a solution for your home.

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