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Three reasons why hardwood flooring is trending

Searching for the perfect flooring, you've likely heard a lot about wood floors. They are a trendy choice for every room in your home, with a lifespan worth your time.

You may wonder why hardwood flooring is so trendy, as many homeowners do. Here are three reasons for your consideration.

1. Wood floors raise the value of your home

In today's realtors market, sellers have the upper hand. And wood floors can add significant value to your home, even in a single room.

It makes sense to remodel using wood flooring, especially if you're selling. If you're not, it still raises the equity in your home, which makes hardwood flooring beneficial to you.

2. Wood floors match any decor scheme

No matter which decor scheme you have, wood floors offer a fantastic match. Enjoy species types, stain colors, and finishes that can change the appearance of any room.

Don't forget to consider widths, lengths, and installation layouts. These can change the look of the flooring for a perfect decor match.

3. Wood flooring offers an impressive lifespan

With engineered materials, you'll enjoy an extensive lifespan of more than 30 years. But solid wood has been known to last well over 100 years.

With wood floors in place, you might never need to replace them. And with refinishing, they'll look great the entire time.

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