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Can I steam clean my luxury vinyl flooring?

If you’re preparing to have luxury vinyl flooring installed in your home, you’ll want to know the best way to clean it. These floors are gorgeous and durable, and regular cleaning helps to keep them that way.

Steam cleaning is never a choice we recommend for any luxury vinyl products. Consider these facts before you begin your remodeling experience to find out more about it.

Luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, but

Many homeowners believe that since luxury vinyl is waterproof, steam cleaning is a feasible method of cleaning. The truth is that excessive heat and pressure can damage vinyl plank flooring to the point that they need replacing.

The materials themselves won’t take on damage from the water. But the heat can make the pieces curl up, leaving them susceptible to below-flooring water accumulation and damage.

For the best cleaning results

In most situations, you'll only need a broom and damp mop to keep these surfaces looking great for years. First, sweep up dirt and debris, then follow with a wet mop, avoiding abrasive tools and cleaners.

Consider the manufacturer's recommendations for a cleaning solution for deeper messes, or call us. You'll find luxury vinyl flooring upkeep to be accessible when you choose products from this flooring line.

If you have more questions about steam cleaning or cleaning in general, feel free to ask while you’re here. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, no matter the project size.

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